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I am a calligrapher and event artist who discovered her love for art during the pandemic. Looking back, I always had creative outlets throughout my life,
but for some reason I never felt creative.
If you're starting your creative journey or are already on this road, stick around and
let's connect. I'll be sharing content dedicated for clients, and also for fellow creatives. 
Would love to grow with you by my side!

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Hi, I'm Blanca

Welcome to my cozy little corner of the internet!

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Blanca, a calligrapher, engraver and event artist based in the lovely San Francisco Bay area. I work with brands to elevate their guest experiences by providing live calligraphy, engraving, bottle painting and heat foiling. I also work on in-studio commissions creating one of a kind gifts or doing calligraphy for weddings or events commissions, like place cards, envelope addressing, seatings charts and more.

I’m absolutely thrilled that you’ve found your way to my blog, a place where I’ll be sharing all sorts of exciting tidbits, insights, and stories.  My goal is to connect with you in a more intimate setting, without any pressure of social media, this is a more relax way to get to know each other.

I will do my best to share with you details about the tools I use to make my work more efficient, the ones that bring my visions to life, and everything in between. I also want to share the behind-the-scenes glimpses of my work process, and some juicy tips and tricks that will make your life easier as a client, fellow artist or as a creator-entrepreneur.

I’ll do my best to serve up practical advice, lessons learned from experience, and insights that I’ve gained along my own journey so you can avoid headaches or wasting valuable time.

But I won’t stop there, I want you to feel like you’re getting to know the person behind the words. So, expect to find a sprinkle of personal anecdotes, quirks, and interests scattered throughout these virtual pages. After all, life is more than just work, and connecting on a deeper level can make this experience all the more meaningful.

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I’m so excited to have you here!!

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Let's be social, I love sharing behind the scenes moments, whether it's snapshots from my latest projects or adorable pictures of Smokey, my dog. You'll find it all there! See you there! 📸🐾

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