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Have you ever thought about turning your VIP or brand events into something really amazing?
Imagine this: adding a personal touch that makes a lasting memory. And guess what? I'm not just talking – I'm a live artist who's been right there in the action. 
Let's explore how live artists like me can make your brand's VIP moments even better. Ready? Let's go!

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hello there!

I’m Blanca,
YOUR NEW calligrapher FRIEND

I am based in San Francisco, CA.
Serving the Bay Area and Silicon Valley.

As a calligrapher, hand engraver, and bottle painter, I bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to luxury events. Think brand activations that leave a lasting impression, weddings or baby showers filled with personalized charm, corporate events that wow, and influencer gatherings that ignite creativity. 

Let's team up and make your next event unforgettable!

Ready to elevate your next event?  

indulge in unforgettable moments

Here's the deal: you can book my services either at your preferred location or at my cozy studio. How awesome is that? Whether it's a special event, a personalized gift, or a treasured keepsake, I'll bring my artistic flair and attention to detail to make it truly extraordinary. So, let's turn your vision into reality! 



Let's be social, I love sharing behind the scenes moments, whether it's snapshots from my latest projects or adorable pictures of Smokey, my dog. You'll find it all there! See you there! 📸🐾

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